Gustavo Pérez - Galerie de L'Ancienne Poste - céramique contemporaine

Gustavo Pérez, double cylindre découpé. signé GP, réf. 12-167. Photo Georges Meguerditchian.

1950 born in Mexico City.

1968 – 1971 He studies engineering for one year, mathematics for one year and 2 years of philosophy at the University of Mexico.

1971-1973 School of Design and Crafts, Mexico City, Ceramics Department.

Teacher, School of Design and Crafts, Mexico City.

1992 onwards works from his workshop in Zoncuantla, Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico.

1994 onwards Member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

“Entirely devoted to his work, Gustavo Pérez showed an immediate aptitude from his first encounter with clay and the wheel in 1971.  Over the years, a creator emerged defining a unique style – aim of all artists – but who, not content with that, continues his exploration of new ways, of new creative adventures, and of new technical and aesthetic risks.  Throughout his artistic career, his successes have marked a turning point, a new starting point, but definitely not a finishing point.  Gustavo Pérez is wary of himself confident only in his work.  Not content to use clay, he communicates with it.  As with all true creators, he lives with the fundamental need of permanent movement.”
Alfonso Colorado, Art critic.



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