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Alistair Danhieux. Sans titre, 2022 grès engobé décor aux oxydes h 24 cm x 22 cm

Alistair was born in 1975 in Crewe, England. He left England at the age of 18, his travels lead him to Puisaye where he discovered the local ceramic activity. He moved to Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (Nièvre) in 2006.

Alistair numbers among those artist-craftsman whose work is the result of a life shaped more by adventure than by formal training or scholarly learning.  A great traveller, he was drawn to people, to their country, to their work and to their ways of life. Like the travellers of the 19th Century, he recorded his memories in sketches, finding art through genuine experience like.  He needed only to find a concrete vehicle through which he could express this experience.
Pottery, ceramics and all that they encompass, offered the best course of action.  His manual skill, his aesthetic sensitivity, and his contact with other potters, notably those who teach at the Cnifop in Saint Amand, allowed him to enter, almost spontaneously, into this profession which corresponds so well to his aspirations.”
Robert Deblander, July 2009.


  • Galerie Thalie, Paris.
  • Circuit céramique, La scène française contemporaine, Musée national de céramique, Sèvres (F).
  • Galerie Sparts, Paris (F).
  • Espace St Jean, Melun, (F).
Alistair Danhieux - exposition dans l'Yonne - exposition en Bourgogne

Alistair Danhieux, raku nu en exposition à la Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste en mars 2017

  • Galerie Quincampoix, Paris (F)
  • Galerie Evelyne Heno, Paris (F)
  • Galerie Argile, Clermont-Ferrand (F)
  • Galerie du Don, Le Fel, Aveyron (F)




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