Camille Virot

Le monde dans un bol – The world in a bowl

27 March – 6 May 2021

Camille Virot - le monde dans un bol - céramique - exposition céramique - galerie de céramique

Bol Raku Rouge n° 24, 2020 d. 13 cm, h. 10 cm. Bol Raku Rouge n° 22, 2020 d. 14 cm, h. 10 cm. Bol Raku Rouge n° 19, 2020 d. 14 cm, h. 12 cm. Bol Raku Rouge n° 21, 2020 d. 14 cm, h. 11 cm. Photo Pascal Vangysel

Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste presents ceramic artist Camille Virot’s third solo show, which will unveil some thirty unreleased works. In this new phase of his creative journey, the bowl form comes back into focus, including the famous “Genesis bowl”, the artist’s emblem.

A catalogue (only in French) will accompany the exhibition.

“There are finished bowls and bowls in the making. But contrary to what should be, the timeline has been manipulated. From the very beginning, the 70s, I made “finished”, normal bowls aligning with traditional Japanese and notoriously Zen raku bowls, thus unselfconsciously. In 1979, I titled a journal article “The world in a bowl”, again unselfconsciously…

Then in the 2000s came the genesis bowls, which were a step backwards, back to the true origins: the bowl as a carved stone vessel, the emerging primary bowl, made and pieced together from “failed finished” bowls, crushed, ground, patched back together so as to make something new with the old – still my current concern. This means going back to a starting point and being accidentally in line with the present trend of recycling.

But keeping to a ceramic universe, thus sensitive rather than intelligible and rational, the genesis bowls appear within a sedimentary environment where the successive ritual actions give substance to differentiated strata, yet which interact and interfere with each other or counter one another. The whole piece is then transfigured, fixed into place and shaken up by the firings, multiplied and repeated frequently like volcanic hiccups.

As for today’s “finished bowls”, they seem both like usual bowl abstractions and manœuvrable images – kinds of monotype prints with a right side and a reverse side, a front and a back, some lips, a belly and a foot, thus beings that look slightly like us, somewhat reminiscent of the bowls Onisaburo used to shape, they say, while staring at a live model.”

(Camille Virot, preliminary thoughts on the exhibition in Toucy).

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