Ahryun Lee


2 July – 8 September 2022

Opening  with the artist on Saturday 2 July 2022 from 6pm

arhyun-lee-ceramics-2022 - Lee Arhyun ceramics - contemporary ceramics

Ahryun Lee. Tasty Collection2022, porcelain

How can one convey the abstract sensations of tastes and transpose senses into sculptures? Ahryun Lee achieves it masterfully: by playing with textures and the power of colour, she transcribes her childhood memories in three dimensions, thus fixing emotions and flavours into porcelain and making them tactile, visual and lasting.
Ahryun Lee’s work is conceptual and not devoid of humour. To our delight, she immerses us into childhood pleasures and definitely expresses life, joy and the extraordinary.
Stéphanie Gachon, Art historian, extract

Born in Seoul in 1989, Ahryun Lee first graduated with honours in ceramics from Seoul National University before completing a Master’s degree in ceramics and glass at London’s Royal College of Art. Her high technical skills soon allowed her to make a name for herself through a very expressive and unconventional approach of the material. The recipient of numerous international awards already, the artist will present some twenty unreleased works at the gallery for her first French solo show.

Joyful and playful: very seldom associated with contemporary art, these two adjectives perfectly define the world of young ceramicist Ahryun Lee (born 1989 in Seoul). Convinced that art and design must impart pleasure, she likes the idea that when looking at her pieces, the viewer might “feel a sudden happiness”.
[…] Coming straight out of a cartoon, her infallibly fantastic animals are sheer energy and movement. Her fruits flirt with surrealism, and her sculptural “cacti” are stingingly sweet. Other objects evoke toys for children… or for adults. The narrow opening on top of some pieces suggests the idea of a vase, referring to an unlikely useful value. “I like to create an ambiguity and break down the borders between craft, art and design”, Ahryun Lee explains.

Guillaume Morel, Journalist & Art Critic,