céramique d'Ursula Morely-price en vente à la galerie - collection de céramique contemporaine à vendre

Exhibition 2016 Ursula Morley-Price

15 January 2017/by christophe
catalogue Morley-Price - livre sur la céramique en vente à la galerie

Catalogue Ursula Morley-Price

Catalogue Ursula Morley-Price, 80th Anniversary The catalogue…
24 October 2016/by christophe

Anne Verdier exhibit at the Gallery

6 September 2016/by christophe

Exhibition Homage to David Miller

30 June 2016/by christophe

Solo Exhibition of Laurent Petit

2 March 2016/by christophe

Erna Aaltonen – Exhibition in France

14 September 2015/by christophe

Erna Aaltonen – exhibition catalogue

The Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste is delighted to present for…
17 June 2015/by christophe

Exhibition Ursula Morley-Price 2014

The Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste presents the long awaited event…
17 December 2014/by christophe

Jean-Marie Foubert

Jean-Marie Foubert developed his own ambitious and painstaking…
30 October 2014/by christophe

Exhibition in a famous restaurant

Olivier Laplaine and Pierre Boussereau owners of the restaurant…
15 October 2014/by christophe

Marie-Pierre Méheust at the gallery

For the Summer season, the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste plays…
20 August 2014/by christophe

Flavie Van Der Stigghel at the gallery

The Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste (Toucy) presents the first solo…
10 June 2014/by christophe

Flavie Van der Stigghel working for her exhibition

Van Der Stigghel working for her exhibition to the Galerie de…
19 May 2014/by christophe

Claire Lindner at the Gallery

12 April -22 May 2014. Claire Lindner at the Galerie de l'Ancienne…
9 May 2014/by christophe

Ursula Morley-Price at the Museum of Modern Art of Troyes

31 December 2013/by christophe

The Ursula Morley-Price Catalogue

In 2013, the Troyes Museum of Modern Art  with the Galerie de…
22 June 2013/by christophe

Agathe Larpent at the Gallery

Agathe Larpent The works presented – crucibles and bas-reliefs…
6 June 2013/by christophe

Sophie Favre at the Gallery

Sophie Favre was born in 1950 into a family of artists, her mother…
20 April 2013/by christophe

Exhibition Karine Benvenuti

Exhibition from 8th September to 8th November 2012 Karine Benvenuti's…
5 October 2012/by christophe

To see Gisèle Buthod -Garcon’s exhibition

"Waves and clouds" Exhibition from 10th September to 3 November…
3 November 2011/by christophe