Camille Virot Bol genèse blanc, 22/1 2022, techniques mixtes. H. 31 x 29 x 20 cm. Photo Pascal Vangysel

Born in 1947 in France-Comté, Camille Virot studied ceramics at Besançon Beaux-Arts and then at the ‘Arts Décoratifs’ in Strasbourg. In 1972, he opened a workshop in Haute-Provence where he practises Raku. Since 1976, the artist has divided his time between educational work (courses and interventions in art schools) and the pursuit of a personal plastic expression which is based on the traditional criteria of Japanese Raku. In 1985, along with Pascaline Virot-Marini he created the Publishing ARgiles. He has also published books devoted to reflections on contemporary ceramics, in 2009, “L’atelier Camille Virot”(Camille Virot’s workshop) and “Huit artistes et la Terre” (Eight Artists and Clay) a publication which is today considered to be one of the major writings on ceramic art.
Instigator of a programme of meetings supported by the Minister of Culture (1991 – 1995) between European ceramists and African potters, Camille Virot was responsible for the itinerant exhibition ‘Poterie Nègre’, which reassembled as a collection has, now, been integrated into the documentary data base of the Confluence Museum in Lyon.
Since 1990, Camille Virot has been combining other materials with clay.

… Thus an artist’s lifetime can be spent with one obsessive idea, the forms will gradually be born one from another, interlinked one to another.  One lives only through feelings and not at all in the world of ideas.  It is the fate of the ceramist.

…And so in the doing new forms arise by chance and interact with each other as the words in a poem.
In the imagery of ceramics, the ground and the underground are very much in evidence , there is the world of moles, and the world where our feet and the foundation of cathedrals rest : this hidden mineral world is our obsession.
The hidden exists, the invisible radiates.
The other stimulation imposed by this tradition that we venerate: the ceramic object is attached to action, to  worldly use, and is a response to the needs of life.
Thus we are constantly stimulated by these two things, the stone and the flesh.
Camille Virot, Extract from « 8 artistes & la terre ».



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