Mette Maya Gregersen

Recent works

18 May – 27 June 2019

Mette Maya Gregersen - exposition de céramique - galerie céramique - céramique contemporaine - sculpture céramique - exposition de céramique - Toucy - Puisaye

Mette Maya Gregersen. White Noise, 2019, Mutifired glazed stoneware and porcelain, h.36 x 50 cm. Photo Lars Bay.

The idea of movement is a permanent feature in the work of Danish ceramic artist Mette Maya Gregersen. Her sculptural ceramics give off the same energy and rhythms as the fleeting waves she captures with a mastery that earned her international recognition. More recently, the artist was inspired by the mineral forms of geodes that are displayed for the first time as part of this solo show at Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste.

 Geodes have long been sources of mystery and strange beauty to me. These capsules, when unearthed, have their deep-time-gestated mineral hearts broken, their deep sleep interrupted, for our fleeting pleasure. What effrontery we have in the face of earth’s mysteries. Mette Maya Gregersen’s recent sculpture strikes a mineralogical and organic resonance that, to me, attempts to bridge the strange space between our sensory imaginations and the stark unconsciousness of matter. Maya works with contrasts, or rather wields them as a composer deploys sonic devices to intervene with our emotional states. She seems to see boundaries — between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’, ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, ‘rough’ and ‘smooth’ — not as barriers but as thresholds, which she crosses in a bold and discerning way. It is as though her inherently ceramic foreknowledge, her material sensitivity, her fingers themselves, are our guides, inviting us to cross the ‘terrain’ of her work, experiencing some of her relish in hand-manipulation, her sincerity and her mischief. […]

Gareth Mason, March 2019

Mette Maya Gregersen was born in 1973 and earned her BA in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Arts in the UK and an MA in Art Therapy at Sheffield University. She also spent five years working in France before moving to England. She now lives and works in Denmark.