Tessa Eastman

Le désordre en délice de l’imagination (Disorder as the delight of imagination)

“Order is the pleasure of reason, but disorder is the delight of imagination.”
Paul Claudel

13 April – 16 May 2019

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Tessa Eastman. N°5 Pink Lavender and N°6 Lavender Pink Baby Cloud Bundles. L..21 l.21 H. 18 cm. Photo Juliet Sheath.

The Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste is pleased to organize the first solo show in France for the young London artist Tessa Eastman, already quite present at the vanguard of the British contemporary art scene. Her colourful sculptures have caught the attention of numerous professionals and earned her multiple awards.

Indeed, Tessa Eastman’s work has been able to impress with her originality, skill and above all with a daring approach to the art form. Built from clay, using various hand-building techniques, Tessa draws inspiration from organic forms as seen through a microscope or in the skies. The artist explores the strangeness of growth of natural phenomena in which systems flow and digress from an intended pattern. While making she strives for contrasts : soft and hard, order and chaos, geometry and irregularity. It is through sensitivity to form and glaze that her pieces become animated and much time is invested in glaze research and testing. Grouping her works highlights these contrasts and creates a dialogue between pieces. Eastman says of her work :‘I aim for my forms to be beautiful in a bizarre manner so as to aid the appreciation of life’s absurdities, where things don’t always make sense.’

An exhibition catalogue realized in collaboration with art critic and curator Marie Maertens will gather the exposed work.

“Smooth and lumpy… Delicate and sturdy… Solid in appearance, yet hollow in actuality… Playing with notions of order and chaos, exploring surface effects on sculptures that hold the gaze… Such are Tessa Eastman’s ceramics. The British artist appreciates the onlooker’s own interpretation as there is no need for specific definitions when imagination can compose the rest of the story”.[…]

Marie Maertens, art critic and curator.
Extract from the exhibition catalogue .

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