Camille Virot on “Parcours de l’Art” in Avignon

29 September – 21 October 2018

Parcours de l’Art is a contemporary art festival that takes place in October in Avignon, where the works of thirty artists are displayed within heritage sites. Every year, a selection of French and international artists with a decisively contemporary and continuous approach are invited to exhibit their artwork in the historical sites of Avignon.

Camille Virot, a permanent artist at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, has been invited to the Church of the Célestins, where an installation entitled “15 heads & 50 transitory states” is presented to the public.

  • Exhibition from September 29 to October 21
  • Opening at the Church of the Célestins on September 30 at 11.30 am
  • Église des Célestins, place des Corps saints, Avignon
  • 33 artists on 14 sites

Céramique de Camille Virot - exposition de Camille Virot - installation Camille Virot

Studio fragments. The empty space is full. The head is full of empty space. Yet for me, these heads are first and foremost clay clumps, sediment blocks, volumes of matter that speak without a mouth, see within without eyes, and through their mass and strangeness remind me of Bambara Boli Fetishes… I reconnect with the strange, the exotic, the quirky. “

“There is nothing inside things, but not all things are devoid of content.” (Jo cult chant)


I am a ceramic artist, therefore nature is my primary model from which I borrow not only the material – a mineral that can be hard or flexible, friable or vitreous – but also all of its reflexes, mechanical processes and rituals including the sedimentation, the recycling, the convulsions and the effusions of matter…

Excerpts from the exhibition catalogue