A Museum for Ursula Morley-Price

In 2013, the Troyes Museum of Modern Art  organized in association with the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste a Retrospective dedicated to Ursula Morley-Price. On this occasion the Museum and the Association of the Friends of the Museum acquired two Ursula Morley-Price’s ceramics, the gallery offered a third piece of the artist.

The importance of Ursula-Morley-Price in the field of contemporary internatinal ceramics was established. It was with great pleasure that, in 2011, the Galerie de l’ancienne poste welcomed her into the rak of associed artists, a group which it consistenly promotes.

furthermore, the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste is delighted to have been able to establih an erudit and valuable partnership with the prestigious Troyes Museum of Modern art. The Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste dares to think that the efforts it has made since 1997 have been rewarded, especially as three  scultpures from the contemporary exhibition by Ursula Morley-Price have been dedicated to enter the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.