Exhibition Camille Virot

19 March – 5 May 2016

exposition Camille Virot à la galerie de céramique

Camille Virot – Têtes, 2015, technique raku, h.34 x 31 cm; h. 15 x 28 cm.

This Spring 2016, the Galerie of the Ancienne Poste in Toucy which is devoted exclusively to Contemporary ceramics, is pleased to showcase the ceramic works of Camille Virot, a leading figure in the practise of Raku in France, and one of the rare artists in this discipline to figure in the public and private collections of contemporary art including the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain (FNAC). He today counts an international audience.

The exhibition will present two focuses of Camille Virot’s present work expressed by the artist himself as follows :
“One being a faithfulness to Japanese Raku, a faithfulness which consists of going beyond formalism and sliding into the voice of the material itself. The second being a faithfulness to passed evocations, a return to ancient shapes, ancient in my own “landscape” but also in the attics of humanity: bowls, boxes, bracelets, masks, mascots…  And thereby revisiting memories, refreshing them and adapting them to my language of today, and as with Raku allowing all or nearly all. In both cases, make almost anything, re-make and re-make it just until the desired and unexpected ‘thing’ becomes obvious.”
The exhibition presents twenty or so new pieces, the majority of which were made last year.

Camille Virot’s works