Claire Lindner

L’Air est une Racine (The Air is a Root)

5 May – 28 June 2018

Opening  Saturday 5 May 2018 from 6 pm, in presence of the artist.

Claire Lindner - sculpture céramique - céramqiue d'art - céramique contemporaine en France - grès émaillé contemporain - exposition céramique

Blue Flow n°1, 2017 Grès, stoneware. H. 34 x 32 x 43 cm .Blue Flow n°2, H. 29 x 28 x 28 cm. Photo Anthony Girardi

For her second solo show at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste – after the very noteworthy exhibition “Measuring Clouds” in 2014 ceramic artist Claire Lindner explores the new sources of inspiration from the universe of entangled vegetation at the heart of the Canadian forest she visited in 2016.

From this new formal research have sprung twenty-five sculptures where pattern, structure and movement are one and the same.

Extra-muros  – at the nearby Château de Saint-Fargeau (Yonne) :

Echoing the pieces displayed at the gallery, the artist will take over Saint-Fargeau Castle’s outstanding roof framework with a mysterious and temporary installation intitled “ Terramovere” and created especially for this unusual place.

[…]The title Claire Lindner chose for this show is a poem by Jean Arp, one of the main member of the surrealist movement formalized by its Manifesto in 1924. The Air is a root reflects the absurdity she can find and confer within this material she had never experienced before: the coil, the sausage, whose mere name makes one smile. Yet this poem is also an oxymoron filled with elation while blending different elements – Jean Arp writes, “the stones are filled with air”…  Associating weight with something weightless reminds us of the contradictions that Claire Lindner likes to use to build her artwork: a seemingly soft, smooth texture where there is actually a hard, rough material; colours that blend together and seem to be deposited in gradations even though she uses bright, almost supernatural dyes. […]The pieces play less on a notion of balance than before in order to develop that of entanglement. From those former images of bushy leaves, small limbs or long fingers emerge in between the living and the dormant or in the movement of some seaweed on the ocean floors. Other pieces seem closed and secluded, bringing back to the table the notions of empty and full, as we do not know what hides inside of them.

Marie Maertens
Journalist and curator,
Extracts from the exhibit catalogue.

Claire Lindner, born in 1982 in Perpignan, France, is an up-and-coming artist currently becoming a prominent figure in contemporary ceramics. Equipped with a solid higher education in fine arts acquired in France and in London’s renowned Camberwell College of Arts, Claire Lindner has seen her work displayed since 2006 in a series of prestigious collective shows including the 2011 contemporary French scene at the Museum of decorative arts in Paris and “Le Banquet” exhibition at Paris’s Grand Palais, within the 2015 Revelations biennial. In 2013, she represented France at the famous European Triennial for Ceramics and Glass in Mons, Belgium.