Ensemble – Together. part 2

5 December 2020 – 7 January 2021

Erna Aaltonen - exhibition Erna Aaltonen - Erna Aaltonen ceramics 2021 - Erna Aaltonen gallery in France - Erna Aaltonen Finnish ceramic artist

Erna Aaltonen. . Ilta (collection privée), Chiara, 2016, h. 22 x 21cm. Rasmus. 2019, h.37, Ø 35 cm. Ava 2016 25 x 18 cm. White Monolith (VIII), 2010, h. 69 x 5 0x 13cm. Photo Anthony Girardi

Recent works by Erna Aaltonen – Claire Lindner – Ursula Morley-Price – Ann Van Hoey – Camille Virot

After this period of communication on social networks because of the lockdown, Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste is pleased to reopen to the public and to present the second part of the group exhibition which was particularly acclaimed this last summer. Accordingly named “Ensemble – Together Part 2”, the exhibition brings together five renowned European artists who are representative of the gallery : Erna Aaltonen, Claire Lindner, Ursula Morley-Price – Ann Van Hoey et Camille Virot