Daniel de Montmollin

Marcel Poulet

6 July – 6 September 2013

Exposition Daniel De Montmollin - Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste - Vase bilobé 2013

Daniel De Montmollin. Vase bilobé 2013. Émaux de Silice, craie, talc, oxydes de cuivre et fer

After the exhibition at the Baur Foundation in Geneva in 2011, this year, Daniel de Montmollin has chosen to present his most recent work at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste – his only exhibition in France. The pieces once again bare witness to the ceramist’s talent for experimentation . After several decades devoted to the research of vegetable ash glazes, Daniel de Montmollin presents, for the first time, the fruits of a new approach using grog clay.  His latest creations are hymns in praise to the mineral resources unearthed from the soils of Burgundy.

This very little word has travelled throughout the entire history of humanity without shattering. Never ceasing to take on new shapes, to adapt to every use, from the most everyday to the most festive, ordinary or refined, profane or sacred.
In the craftsman’s workshop, before undertaking its voyage here and there across the world, it emerges at the end of a long process.  Whether born from the spontaneity of a gesture or a slow elaboration, it is the abstraction of knowledge acquired through the patience of multiple experiments. Like the musician, the potter cannot escape the full force of asceticism.  And in the end he must leave the last word to the fire, this brutal passage from project to object!

Vehicle of a relationship, the vase combines a know-how and a presence receptive to things and others.

Over and above its use, the vase has its own language, that of the imagination of its creator which is a poetic accompaniment.  Even at rest, it makes a melody heard, which “harmonizes” the relationship.

Brother Daniel de Montmollin, April 2013.

Here Daniel de Montmollin’s ceramics will accompany Marcel Poulet‘s ochre pictures, which display his “territories”, in constant and deliberate reference to the much admired painter, Raoul Ubac.

A selection of Daniel de Montmollin’s work

A selection of Marcel Poulet’s work