The Gallery’s Artists 2018

Focus on Camille Virot

24 February – 22 March 2018

Camille Virot - céramique Camille Virot - galerie Camille Virot - raku Camille Virot

Camille Virot, Petites Boîtes, 2017, terre et matériaux composites, h. 28 et 27 cm, base 8 x 8 cm.

Opening its annual programme of shows in contemporary ceramics, the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, located in Toucy, Burgundy, devotes its space to the permanent artists of the gallery. The 2018 edition is mainly dedicated to ceramist Camille Virot’s recent work on boxes, a theme very dear to his heart which the artist develops on in the exhibition catalogue:

“When it comes to constructing boxes, as in layering each element, there are two main parts: the body and the lid. Add a rock on top so it doesn’t fly off or so the cats won’t drink its contents. That is how the ceramic object is made, of additions and levels, through a sedimentation process, just like the dry stone wall in my father and grandfather’s vineyard. By clearing the field of its impurities, one ends up building a pile, just like the Cairns on the Lure Mountain. The pile becomes a landmark on which everyone can leave the trace of yet another passage.”

A selection of works by the ceramists Karine Benvenuti, Nadia Pasquer, Nathalie Pierlot and  Flavie Van Der Stigghel is also featured alongside Camille Virot’s boxes.