Gisèle Buthod-Garçon


20 May – 6 July 2017

Opening Saturday 20 May 2017 from 6 p.m., with the artist’s presence

Gisèle Buthod-Garçon - exposition de céramique en France - céramique contemporaine française

Gisèle Buthod-Garçon. Bruit de mer , 2017, grès. h. 31 x 41 x 18 cm. Photo Christine Réfalo

French ceramic artist Gisèle Buthod-Garçon is back at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste with an exhibition that highlights her new series of sculptures in the spirit of the territories she has been exploring for several years, where sensitivity and memory overlap.

After her exhibition at Roubaix’s La Piscine-Museum of Art and Industry,  in 2013-2014, Gisèle Buthod-Garçon asserts herself fully here with forms that appear abstract or suggested, emphasized by nuanced engobes or enveloped in a sensuous glaze.

For the fourth time in fifteen years, the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste presents Gisèle Buthod-Garçon’s ceramic work. Composed of about twenty recent pieces, the exhibition shows the artist’s both modern and timeless studies. Some themes never run dry. The moment an artist chooses to decipher life and express its states (peacefulness, serenity…), its sensations (breeze on the water, ethereal shimmers, lights on bark, “noise of time”1…), the moment they set out to give a shape and a face to something bigger than themselves, to the indescribable and immemorial trace of human fragility, then all they can do is humbly reexplore a path that has been traced a thousand times before. That is where Gisèle-Buthod-Garçon aspires to remain: at contemplation level.”

Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, PhD in Art History, extract from the exhibit catalogue.

 1 Ossip Mandelstam, The Noise of Time, 1925.