Nadia Pasquer

Les couleurs de la nuit, la couleur du ciel

The colours of the night, the colour of the sky

7 September – 7  November 2019

Opening Saturday 7 September 2019 from 6pm, in presence of the artist

Nadia Pasquer - terre enfumée - galaxie - sculpture - céramique contemporaine - céramique française - galerie de céramique

Nadia Pasquer, bicône noir, d. 24 cm, Sphère bleue, d. 7.5 cm, 2019, terre polie. Photo Pascal Vangysel

For her new exhibition at Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, famous French ceramic artist Nadia Pasquer re-examines celestial bodies and constellations, a theme close to her heart. The chosen volumes and their variations are combined here into duos or trios where the size difference and proximity generate a notion of space and dialogue between the pieces.

Shown in prominent contemporary art centres such as New York, Miami and Basel, Nadia Pasquer’s work now receives worldwide recognition.

An exhibition catalogue created in collaboration with journalist and art critic Guillaume Morel gathers the twenty-some pieces present in the gallery.

“Celestial geometry”, “Starry polyhedrons”, “Orbits”… The titles chosen by Nadia Pasquer for her exhibitions immediately convey the idea of otherworldliness and travelling to another dimension, an infinite one of constellations. Her creations make up an imaginary galaxy where the rigour of lines dissolves into a soft and sensuous poetry of matter. “Sculpture is this essential language of touch that makes us aware of our body in its vital force, and of its ties to roots and stars“, wrote Gaston Bachelard, the artist’s favourite author, in his book Earth and Reveries of Will, in 1948. […]

Whether consciously or not, Nadia Pasquer’s universe is nourished by multiple references. When faced with her work, images come to mind such as the polyhedron in Albert Dürer’s Melancolia, a copper-plate engraving dated 1514, or the polished bronze egg in Constantin Brancusi’s Beginning of the World, sculpted in 1920. Through its silence and its poetry, the ceramic artist’s universe also evokes the mysterious and metaphysical world of painter Giorgio de Chirico. What they have in common is we know nothing about what we’re seeing, in the end. Why and how did the objects get there? Where do they come from, and what brings them together here and now? Nothing at first sight, except the essential, the beauty of mystery and the magic of art.

Guillaume Morel
Journalist, art critic,
Extract from the exhibition catalogue.

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