Exhibition Anne Verdier

Anne Verdier sculpts terracotta. Forgetting theory, the artist gathers materials and experience …she collects, fires, melts and then breaks the result… just to see! To expose the exuberance. To break, for her, is not to destroy, but the opposite, the hammer now becomes the sculptor’s tool and thus at the point when others think that everything is complete she begins the classic work of chipping away the rough outline … revealing the tensions, finding the lines…living the shapes. It is a ceramic of science, of the intellect but the aim is emotive and it is powerful.

Her work has rapidly entered the great private collections, artistic interventions and exhibitions have multiplied and in 2008 led to the SOFA of New York and more recently to the International Biennale CeraMIX in Korea, and in Shanghai in 2014.

This Summer of 2016, Anne Verdier presents The “Affleurants” at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, an exhibition dedicated to her recent works, sculptures of clay which carry the impression of the rocky outcrops which surround her workshop, situated between Beaujolais and Monts du Forez. Volumes in which the glaze reinforces the traces of modelling and reveals the power of the mineral.

The publication of a catalogue ( in french) accompanies the exhibition.