Exhibition Ursula Morley-Price ” 80th Anniversary

The creations of Ursula Morley-Price do not obey the laws of Nature, they belong simply in the poetic Register of Immobile Movement.
Olivier Le Bihan
In “Ursula Morley-Price”, June 2013 Catalogue for the artist’s Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes.

For the third time at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, the artist franco british Ursula Morley-Price  showed her most recent sculptures eighteen in all, which clearly shows at her age she is the master of her Art.

Faithful to her ceramic forms which suggest movement, she revisits the Flange Forms of the year 2000, after which in 2014 she developed the Twist Forms for her solo show at the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste. “ I have created Pod and Round Blade Forms, where life of the simple blades begins at the center of the sculpture, and develops into large blades around the rim of the ceramic, and become smaller again as they rut themselves at the foot of the sculpture.( Life busts forth and takes root.”, the artist comments.