Ann Van Hoey

PLIS, SOUFFLE, SILENCE – Folds, breath, silence

4 September – 4 November 2021

Opening  Saturday 4 September 2021 from 6 pm, in presence of the artist.

Ann Van Hoey -ceramics - contemporary ceramics - new ceramics - ceramic design - ceramic scuplture

Ann Van Hoey, Ruby Object n°21-17, 2021, red stoneware and iron, h. 28 x 36 x 30 cm & Ruby Object n°21-18, 2021, red stoneware and iron, h. 27 x 24 x 32 cm. Photo Dries Van den Brande. Cover of the exhibition catalogue.

For this second solo show at the gallery, the Belgian artist Ann Van Hoey continues on her quest for a resolutely pared-down style that brings her closer to design. She is however moving on from the lacquered finishes for which she is famous, choosing instead to use matt engobes she discovered while in Taiwan, which give rise to a new range of colours emphasizing the purity of lines even further. A bilingual catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

“Ceramics, design, sculpture… categories open up, fuse and fulfil one another at the core of a process that we will personally put under the aegis of poetry, preferably Stéphane Mallarmé’s. His enterprise of word rarefaction is answered by the form reduction undertaken by Ann Van Hoey, whose objects, like the symbolist poet’s words, shine with the brightness of rare, mysterious and perfect things, where void and solid embrace each other at their height.”

Manuel Jover, journalist, art critic, extract from the exhibition catalogue.