Ursula Morley-Price

D’hier et d’aujourd’hui – From past and present

6 November 2021 – 19 December 2021

Ursula Morley-Price - exposition Ursula Morley-Price - céramique Ursula Morley Price - galerie Ursula Morley-Price - vente céramique Ursula Morley-Price

Ursula Morley-Price. White Flower, 202. h 20 x 32 cm. Brown Parasol Form,2019,

Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste has shown Franco-British ceramic artist Ursula Morley-Price since 2011. “D’hier et d’aujourd’hui” is the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.

Born in 1936 in London, Ursula Morley-Price belongs today among the most remarkable figures of her generation in the field of international contemporary ceramics.

Prior to her New York show in the spring of 2022, Ursula Morley-Price presents here a few great classics from her collection, displayed in 2020 at La Piscine Museum in Roubaix. The show in Toucy will also feature unreleased works, which reveal the same construction work that reaches the limits allowed by the material.

“Building an entire oeuvre takes talent, work, but also time, a notion seldom valued or remembered in this day and age,  where images succeed each other every second of the day in a relentless race for immediacy. Like painting or sculpture, the art of ceramics only comes into existence through a lengthy creative process that involves much research and patience. Such is the art that Ursula Morley-Price (born in Islington, North London in 1936) has been practicing for half a century. […] Since the mid-sixties, Ursula Morley-Price has been creating whole sets rather than isolated pieces of work, where each piece of every series is a new stone in the building of her existence as an artist. A 2013 career retrospective at the Musée d’art moderne de Troyes, set up in close collaboration with the Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, highlighted remarkably this great consistency of Ursula Morley-Price’s work which grew stronger throughout the years.”

Guillaume Morel
Journalist & art critic
From the catalogue « Ursula Morley-Price, 80th Anniversary », November 2016.