Erna Aaltonen

Recent Works

13 May – 29 June 2023

Opening on Saturday 13 May 2023 with the artist


Erna Aaltonen N°7. Survivor 2023 46x 48cm, N°4. Serena 2023, 21 x 25cm photo Johnny Korkman

For her third solo exhibition with Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, the Finnish ceramist Erna Aaltonen continues her exploration around the Sphere. The many interpretations are certainly among the artist’s most emblematic creations.

Part-vases, part-sculptures, majestic or modest in size, burnished or luminous, or even “round and abstract” as defined by Erna Aaltonen herself, the Spheres are both powerful and ethereal, being anchored, solid and fixed but also making us feel that they might suddenly become alive and weightless thanks to their diaphanous, almost atmospheric appearance. Erna Aaltonen happens to be very inspired by nature, living and working in Fiskars, an ancient historical blacksmith village surrounded by forests and lakes. Suffused with great poetry, her Spheres evoke the flight of time that flows like the passing seasons and the renewal of life. Their pure lines and perfect harmony induce a sense of softness, joyfulness and peacefulness.
Stéphanie Gachon
Art historian
Translated by Marina Duval Matthews