Claire Lindner

Measuring Clouds

12 April – 22 May 2014

Exposition Claire Lindner - Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste - Grès chamotté

Claire Lindner, N # contorsionné, 2013, grès chamotté émaillé, h. 40 x 49 cm. Photo Anne Nguyen-Dao.

I am going to measure the clouds.
Robert Stroud, in “The birdman of Alcatraz”

Inaccessible, misty and intangible, clouds are constantly moving, and in their movement they have the ability of ‘becoming ‘ something else.

Unlike cirrus, cumulus and other nimbus formations, working with ceramics constantly deals with the problematic of the weight of clay, its inability

to self support which is then followed by a ‘petrified’ fixed state. When manipulating soft clay, all the tensions and stretch marks remain visible on the surface, strangely looking like a metamorphing skin.

When bringing folds and curvees to the surface Claire Lindner tries to print the idea of a possible transformation and to find bridges between different organic worlds. She applies color in relation to light and shadow to contribute to the perception of a volume and its interpretation.

Drawing on the theme of the cloud, the artist explores the strange state of the « in between »: a form on the edge of recognizable and indefinable.

The finished and fixed form is an unfinished and mobile image that aims to let our imagination fly. Claire Lindner looks for the same sensation of finding a hidden image in the clouds, bringing  images through the vapourous and intangible imagination to the viewer.

Claire Lindner - Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste - grès chamotté émaillé

Claire Lindner, N # mural, 2013 grès chamotté émaillé h 28 x 49 x 8 cm

Claire Lindner, N # mural, 2013 grès chamotté émaillé h 28 x 49 x 8 cm

Claire Lindner was born in Perpignan, France in 1982. Following higher education in visual arts, specializing in ceramics, first in France and then in London at the renowned Camberwell College of Arts, Claire Lindner was first noticed in 2004 by winning first prize for ” Young European ceramics ” during the Ceramics Festival ”Terralha” in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie (Gard). In 2007 she received the ” Golden Prize for ceramics as Expression ” at the International Ceramic competition of the Fourth World Ceramic Biennale in Icheon, South Korea. She has taken part in prestigious group exhibitions including ” Contemporary French Scene ” at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2011, and represented France last October at the famous “European Triennale of Ceramics and Glass ” in Mons , Belgium.

The quality and the singularity of her ceramic work asserts Claire Lindner within the rising values of the young french contemporary ceramics scene.

Grogged stoneware, slab built.
Pistol sprayed glazes.
Gaz firing 1280°c.

A selection of Claire Lindner’s work