Thomas Bohle 

Recent works

From 2 April to 19 May 2022

Opening on Saturday April 2, 2022 at 6pm, in presence of the artist

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Thomas Bohle – 22-10. Untitled 2021 Cobalt glaze. H. 54 cm x D. 30 cm. Photo Frigesch Lampelmayer.

For his second solo show at the gallery, Austrian ceramic artist Thomas Bohle keeps pushing ahead his creative process. Thomas Bohle is renowned for his double-walled constructions and his creations prove that ceramic vessels remain more relevant than ever as an artistic means of expression. A bilingual catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

“Thomas Bohle’ sculptural creations stand out with unmatched distinctiveness. The artist plays with curves and counter curves, fullness and emptiness, concavity and convexity, right side and underside, what we see and what is hiding. […]

Influenced by ancient Chinese and Japanese ceramics, which he appreciates for their simplicity, harmony and soft contours, Thomas Bohle also draws his inspiration from the sources of nature, architecture or music… He admires the work of Hans Coper, Lucie Rie or Pierre Bayle, and claims to be influenced by Constantin Brâncuși and Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures. Whether strictly cylindrical or otherwise very flared, his perfectly symmetrical creations are dominated by pure and regular lines. Though differing in sizes and shapes, they share the common feature of being hollow in their centre, forming a sort of spiral that sucks up light. The impression of depth, emphasized by the shadows, confers the piece a vertical motion that reinforces the dynamism impelled by systematically circular objects. From a minimal bearing point they rest on, the works spread out to inhabit the space”.

Guillaume Morel, journalist & Art critic, from the catalogue of the exhibition.