Focus  Laurent Petit vs Ann Van Hoey

26 February – 31 March 2022

After a first joint show at Roubaix’s La Piscine Museum in 2020, two very specific worlds where colour and form are processed differently are featured here side by side again, with French artist Laurent Petit’s abstract sculptures and Belgian ceramic artist Ann Van Hoey’s coloured monochrome works.

First  selected  as part  of  the  Vallauris  International  Biennale  of  Contemporary  Ceramics  back  in  2008, Ann  Van  Hoey  was  invited  in 2017  to  be an  artist  in  residence  at  the Taipei  Yingge  Museum  in Taïwan,  which  led  to  a  permanent  display  at  the  museum. Last year, she was invited for a first solo exhibition at the United States. Throughout  the years,  the  artist  has pursued an  exemplary  career interspersed with  new  formal  proposals  that  have become  her claim to  fame.

A graduate from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Maison de la Céramique in Mulhouse, Laurent Petit has been using ceramics as his form of expression since 1996. His  work  was noticed  very quickly  and  was presented  at  the  International Biennale  of  Ceramics at  Châteauroux  in  2003,  and  then selected  at  “Carouge  Ceramic  Approaches”,  in  Switzerland  and  in  the  context  of  the  2013 edition  of  the  International Triennale  of  Ceramic  and  Glass in  Mons,  Belgium. He was featured in 2019 among the finalists of the 25th edition of the International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris.

Here he offers a new and rich variation about “L’élégance du chaos” which was presented during his second solo exhibition at the gallery in the fall of 2020.