Jin Eui KIM

Reality & Illusion

5 November 2022 – 5 January 2023

Opening  with the artist on Saturday 5 November 2022 from 6pm


OPject-Spherical form, 2022, D21.5cm×H25cm, OPverse – Cylindrical form, D12cm×H22.8cm, OPverse – Cylindrical form D12cm×H17.8cm, OPject-Spherical form, D24.5cm×H26.2cm

A native of South Korea (1977), Jin Eui Kim studied ceramics in Australia at the University of Tasmania, then in Wales, where he completed a Master’s degree followed by a PhD in ceramics at the Cardiff School of Art and Design. The artist now resides in Cardiff where he has joined the Fireworks Clay Studios. Beyond the absolute perfection of his technique, the reason Jin Eui Kim’s art became a real sensation in the United Kingdom is undoubtedly the striking questioning of the nature of visual perception his works offer.


Jin Eui KIM N°36. OPerspective – Wall piece no.2. Semi-Porcelain, fired at 1240ºC, slip-casting. H. 100 x 100 x 6 cm.

Victor Vasarely, Yaacov Agam and Bridget Riley, in particular, are not far off, except that they create the illusion of a third dimension from a flat surface. Jin Eui Kim introduces an additional challenge by working on volumes.
Using an apparently simple graphic language of lines, stripes and wide strips of colour, he decorates his spherical or cylindrical forms with exemplarily regular motifs that make for hypnotic visual effects.

Guillaume Morel,
Journalist, Art critic
“Jin Eui Kim, a ceramic artist who blurs the lines”, October 2022, extract.