Retrospective 2022

5 January – 7 February 2023

Opening the 2023 Program, the 2022 Retrospective Exhibition provides a new setting for discovering or rediscovering the ceramic artists who have been the guests of the gallery over the previous year.

“As a ceramicist, designer, sculptor and porcelain virtuoso, Pálma Babos is well versed in the field’s technical difficulties. As an artist, she relentlessly questions, transgresses and stretches the limits of materials and techniques. She says it clearly: “My work is an on-going dialogue with the matter. Experimentation is my working utensil, in other words, I can realize my plans through experimentation”. Her towers are essentially formal proposals stemming from her experimentation.” Manuel Jover, journalist & Art critic, in ” Pálma Babos: balance and abyss”, April 2022.

“When speaking about her own work, Barbro Åberg often privileges the role of imagination. Her pieces emerge from letting her mind and pen wander, and each body of work emerges in tandem, with each piece subtly influencing the next. Like many Scandinavians, Åberg is both obsessed with nature and well-versed in the scientific principles that underpin and guide it. As in nature, entropy is constantly on display in her studio.” Garth Johnson, Curator of Ceramics Center Paul Phillips & Sharon Sullivan , Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York, May 2022. Extract from exhibition catalog “Sculptures from Inner Space”.

Thomas Bohle‘ sculptural creations  stand out with unmatched distinctiveness. The artist plays with curves and counter curves, fullness and emptiness, concavity and convexity, right side and underside, what we see and what is hiding. “When I make double-walled objects resting on a narrow base, they give the illusion of being both massive and lightweight. This ambivalence piqued my interest from the beginning, and I have continued down that path to develop my language”, the artist confides. Thomas Bohle crafts his works from a single clay slab, in one piece and without any assembling or joining.” Guillaume Morel, journalist & Art critic, extract from exhibition catalogue.

Jin Eui Kim developed an early interest in Op art and studied its laws and principles in order to create his own false impressions. “Over the course of my experimentations, I have focused more and more on tonal gradation and stripes, and I have come to realize that the perception of three-dimensional forms could be greatly disturbed by slight variations in the spacing of lines and strips, through the vibration created by certain colours when juxtaposed”, the artist explains.” Guillaume Morel, journalist & Art critic, extract, October 2022.

“Coming straight out of a cartoon, Ahryun Lee’s  infallibly fantastic animals are sheer energy and movement. Her fruits flirt with surrealism, and her sculptural “cacti” are stingingly sweet. Other objects evoke toys for children… or for adults. The narrow opening on top of some pieces suggests the idea of a vase, referring to an unlikely useful value. “I like to create an ambiguity and break down the borders between craft, art and design”, Ahryun Lee explains.” Guillaume Morel, journalist & Art critic, extract, June 2022.