Ursula Morley-Price

Matter in motion

23 March – 2 May 2024

Opening on Saturday 23 March 2024 from 6pm with the artist

Ursula Morley Price 2024

Brown Twist Again, 2024, grès, stoneware, h. 33 cm, l. 17 cm. White Twist Again, 2024, grès, stoneware, h. 36 cm, l. 20 cm. Photo Pascal Vangysel

For her fifth solo show at Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, Franco-British ceramic artist Ursula Morley-Price shows once again the power of her practice. Her new works specially created for the exhibition embody her highly personal way of working with variations on a same principle of organic structures that seem to unfold into space.
Through fifteen works, most of which recently created for the show, we are faced with the very poetic lines, harmonious volumes and perfect balance between solidity and fragility, presence and weightlessness that have always been the strength of the artist’s sculptures and brought her international recognition.

“Shown in the most prestigious European, British and American collections (Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres, Hamburg Museum, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA…), Ursula Morley-Price has nothing left to prove. Yet tirelessly, she continues to experiment. She refuses to endlessly repeat the recipe behind her success. Stoneware offers a thousand possibilities, which the artist is not done exploring. For her fifth solo show at  Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste, which required her over a year’s worth of work, she was determined to present a unique corpus.

The exhibition is comprised of fourteen pieces, which Ursula Morley-Price views as “extensions and developments” of a lifelong work, initiated as early as over fifty years ago. Whether they flirt with figuration or are entirely abstract is ultimately beside the point, as what really matters is the emotion when faced with the poetry of clay, fixed for eternity in a still movement.”
Guillaume Morel, journalist, art critic,  excerpt from the exhibition catalogue.