Matthew Chambers

4 November 2023 – 4 January 2024

Opening on Saturday 4 November 2023 from 6pm

Matthew Chambers - Matthew Chambers ceramic - Matthew Chambers works - Matthew Chambers sculpture

Matthew Chambers. Turning, 2023, grès, h. 26cm x 23cm x 15cm.

A great figure of contemporary ceramics, British artist Matthew Chambers (b.1975) continues exploring rhythm and harmony using the circle as a guide. On the occasion of his first show at the gallery, the artist intends to design new construction methods so as to further develop the sumptuous sculptures that are his trademark.

“No angles exist in this British prodigy’s geometric universe. For two decades now, Chambers has been unfolding his abstract work around one and the same form: the circle. He plays with symmetry and asymmetry, perfect balance and a sense of instability, thus creating an impression of motion within stillness. One almost feels the urge to manipulate these simultaneously still and living objects, to rotate and pivot their different elements as if they were part of a modular construction set.”

Guillaume Morel
Journalist, Art Critic
Extract from the catalogue